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Summerhall, Edinburgh


Utilising Robert Burns’s magnum opus ‘Tam O’Shanter’ as its backdrop, appropriating its witches, devils and headliners. The film centres around the historical narrative in which the protagonist witnesses an esoteric event unfolding and is subsequently chased. ‘SPICEBOYS’ presents a contemporary twist – a gender-fluid, queer ecology, brought to life through characterisation, song writing and bespoke costumes – with an alternative ending to the Burns original. Set amongst an installation of the dilapidated Alloway Auld Kirk, the film includes music and performance from DIY punk band Fallope & The Tubes and choreography from Dannika Channer. Camera by Danny Cook & Video editting by Lewis Den Hertog

SPICEBOYS was commissioned as part of Burns Unbroke 2018. One of four artists to be selected for the festival. 

Ross Fleming SPICEBOYS _5of6 copy.jpg
Ross Fleming SPICEBOYS _6of6 copy.jpg
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20180131_BurnsUnbroke_StudioRoRo_3405 co
20180124_BurnsUnbroke_StudioRoRo_9468 co
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SPICEBOYS  was  commissionsed  as part of  the Burns Unbroke Festival in 2018,

While the exhibition was in run, made to measure spiceboys caps were up for sale, presenting a modernised reference to the name sake of the tam o'shanter hat.


HATS cost £55             TOTE BAGS cost £35 

contact me if you would like to have one made for you.

An interview was conducted in the making of the project. Both links below:

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